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Don't Let Perfection Hold You Back

Those videos on Youtube with the quality and cinematography at their best, make me think of how bad my video will be in comparison to all those quality videos. And these thoughts are quite reasonable as I don't have at least a starter gears to shoot the videos, neither do I have cinematography talents, nor the perfect location to shoot the video. Even before shooting the one, I get enough reasons to hold myself back.

The dream of owning a Youtube channel with cover dance, fitness videos pushes me to just shoot, edit a little, and upload the videos, even when nothing seems perfect. I know along the way I have to learn a lot and improve my thing. I believe one day I will have that good gears with me. Till then, I will do my best with the gears I have and focus solely on making my moves perfect. Here is one of the dance cover videos on Youtube.

Find me on Instagram and Facebook: @hellotshering

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