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Using Copyright Songs In Dance videos

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I have always wanted to make dance videos. With every new song popping out on Youtube from the industry, choreographers having million of youtube followers come out with their own cover dance on the song. To be honest, I have felt that dancing to those songs and uploading them on Youtube would be an amazing thing to do. But the copyright issues always worried me.

Reading a few articles online, I came to know that there are few methods to use the copyrighted content on Youtube without a copyright strike. I was quite happy knowing this information and within a few days, I chose a song, bought the required garments, shot the video with help from hostel mates, edited a little, and uploaded it. Have a look below, it's a video on youtube.

What about copyright issues? Well! Youtube will throw you a copyright claim and in your description section, Youtube will just add a section, "Licensed to Youtube by", wherein the description of the original content owner will be provided. And that won't affect the channel, youtube promises it.

I should make it clear here, that you won't be able to monetize the video having a copyright claim. I believe you wouldn't have a problem with it, as you are just starting on Youtube, earning money on Youtube is a different game, my friend. Lastly, I have found almost all songs, that come to my mind, are licensed to youtube by the owner, so I haven't had a single problem, making dance cover videos and uploading them to youtube.

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